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Elizabeth Topp & Alex Devertuil | Documentary | Trinidad & Tobago | 2011 | 113 mins | English | HD

SYNOPSIS Between February and April 1970, the streets of Port of Spain were filled with angry young black men and women chanting ‘Power to the People’, fists raised in a salute learned from the Black Panthers of the U.S.A. This was the legendary Black Power revolution, which captivated the imaginations of their youthful followers and made the government of Dr. Eric Williams and the white establishment very nervous indeed. This important story, with its hits and misses, its tragedy and its humour, is told through interviews with a broad cross section of those who were actually there. Their memories and anecdotes, by turns moving and hilarious, surprising and shocking, are supported by newly-unearthed archival film footage.

A Day in a Bajan Life is a series of 10 cinematic, short film portraits of everyday life and people in Barbados, directed and shot by acclaimed Swedish filmmaker Pelle Hybbinette, an adopted Bajan.

Director: Pelle Hybbinette  |  Barbados  | 10 Episodes  |  10min/episode  |   2013

Season 1 includes 10 episodes.
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FFrances-Anne Solomon | Drama | 2007 | Canada | 101 min | HD | English IMDb  |  Website

In Frances-Anne Solomon’s elegaic A Winter Tale, six Black men, all patrons at Miss G’s Caribbean TakeAway Restaurant, form an ill-fated support group in an attempt to salvage their broken spirits and beseiged community, following the local shooting death of a young child.

Karen Martinez | Trinidad & Tobago | 20 mins | Short Film | 2013 | English

SYNOPSIS AFTER MAS is a new short film from London-based Trinidadian filmmaker Karen Martinez. It tells the story of a love that flourishes under the cover of darkness during the festival of J’ouvert on the streets of Port-of-Spain. Shot in Trinidad in February 2013 during Carnival, we experience the charge of this bacchanalian drama before following the characters return to their separate lives. In the cold light of day, can these young lovers from very different backgrounds stay true to their desires?

Actors: Glenda Collens, Carly Coutts, Khafra Rudder
Awards:Winner best local short 2013 Trinidad and Tobago Festival

Producer: Janine Mendes-Franco
Associate Producer: Andy Lambert
Edited by: Scott Cato
Music by: Colin Smith
Art Direction by: Melanie Archer
Camera: Miquel Galofré

As the first Dominican-Haitian documentary co-production, this film retraces the liberation legacy of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Namibia and the United States, its place of origin.

These shared narratives on struggles against enslavement and apartheid are told in three different languages (English, French, Spanish) and in the voices of nineteen (19) interviewees. The Mother Bethel AME Church was founded by Bishop Richard Allen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1794, as the first Protestant church ministered exclusively by former enslaved people. AME became a legally incorporated denomination in 1816.

Upon the request of the Haitian government, AME sent 6,000 individuals to the island of Saint-Domingue between 1824-1826, two decades after this first Black Republic in the world came into being. The Haitian Revolution is an integral part of the history of AME in the island. It is also crucial to note that Richard Allen was deeply involved in the logistics of this immigration, the most important nineteenth-century one of its kind in Dominican history.

Galen Brown | Canada / Belize | 23 mins | Short Documentary | 2016 | English

SYNOPSIS:In the small village of Placencia, Belize, recent road access has meant a boom in tourism and general rise in population.
With little land available for development, some have started to remove mangrove forests and fill the area in to create their own. Those who have lived in Placencia their whole lives understand the importance of mangroves to coastal ecosystems, how they filter run off from the mainland, provide nursery habitat for juvenile fish and buffer storm energy from sweeping away land, and are pushing for the government of Belize to declare the lagoon a protected area.

Awards: Yosemite Film Festival – Winner 2013 (ZIWAs) 2015

Director and Executive Producer: Galen Brown
Production Manager: Monica Gutierrez
Production and writting: Sara Daniels
Edited by: Galen Brown

Peter Sagnia | St. Maarten | 95 mins | Feature Film | 2011 | English

SYNOPSIS A young woman leaves her abusive husband in Holland to seek refuge in St. Maarten. But the law has changed since the island obtained country status and she is stranded at the airport. The Chief Immigration Officer is a man of integrity and exemplary service, who is torn between enforcing the new law and instinctively helping a woman he doesn’t know – and whom he meets on the anniversary of his wife’s death.

Antillean Green Card showcases the talents of Peter Sagnia, a man of many facets — film maker, screenwriter and director, composer of music and stage plays. Born in London, England, he is continually searching for innovative ways to give voice to the tremendous wealth of talent that exists in the Caribbean.

Shashi Balooja | Short Film | Canada | 2013 | 33 min | English | HD

SYNOPSIS:  Grandma Ariana’s erratic behavior causes her loved ones to think in different ways about life, love and what they mean to each other.


Nicole Brooks | Canada | 6 mins | Documentary | 2012 | English

SYNOPSISDance film that celebrates the lives of enslaved Africans. As they are released from their daily work, they gather to prepare and participate in Sunday worship in solidarity with their Ancestors and for the Orishas (revered deities in the Yoruba religion). Ase gives us a glimpse into this awe-inspiring service and in turn pays homage to those slaves who managed through terrible adversity to conserve a piece of their heritage and identity in song and dance.


Christopher Laird | Trinidad & Tobago | 7 mins | Short Film | 2000 | English

SYNOPSIS Nine-year-old Atiba Williams is the youngest person to arrange for a steelband during the Panorama competition. This film looks at a day in his life, from home, to school, to rehearsal to performance.

LOGLINE: Sandwiches, shenanigans and Vin Diesel

dir: Rodney V. Smith | USA | HD | English | Comedy | 2009 | PG

SYNOPSIS: When two hapless stoners encounter a man who looks just like superstar actor Vin Diesel, they will break any rule to find out if it really is Vin Diesel himself… even if it includes kidnapping, stalkers, rabid fans and the best sandwich ever made.
Created for the 2009 Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project

Actors: Jaimyon Parker, Andrew Stoute, Margaret Maher, Malayza Man, Eric Binfet, Sandy'Ci Moua
Composer: Damian Sanchez
Filmed and Edited by Rodney V. Smith
Written by Andrew Stoute, Rodney V. Smith and Jaimyon Parker

In the year 2100, humankind has achieved paradise — and seen it torn away from them. The digital realm of Farandjun has been usurped by a tyrannical computer virus that pits the nations of the world against each other in a virtual-reality tournament, to select who will reign supreme, and who will be subjugated.

Haiti / USA | 2015 | 15 min | HD | creole w/ english subtitles

Ben seems to have a perfect life in his new life in Haiti. Raised in suburban Wisconsin, Ben now lives in a beautiful home overlooking the Caribbean and trains Haitian teachers in Creole at a school just a quick walk away. He loves the solitude and peace that he finds in this remote rural village. Yet, when Ben returns home to the United States to visit his family, he struggles with his identity and asks himself: “what am I doing with my life?”


Christopher Laird | Trinidad & Tobago | 60 mins | Documentary | 1999 | English

SYNOPSIS On a beach where hundreds of the largest turtles in the world come to nest, international artist are sharing their experiences. The interaction between the artists, the community and the environment results in the creation of amazing installations and stimulating work which has left an indelible mark both on the community and the artists themselves.


Ella Cooper | Canada | 28 mins | Short Documentary | 2014 | English

SYNOPSIS Black Men Loving is a heartwarming film that challenges racial assumptions and stereotypes often associated with Black fathers in the media. Through short intimate profiles with men from Regent Park and across Toronto, the film strives to share a new perspective on Black fathers, as they take on parenthood in full stride.


Judy Singh | Cuba | 24 mins | Documentary | 2005 | English

SYNOPSIS The film is part extraordinary music video (shot on locations around Havana, Cuba) and part entertaining after-dinner conversation between d’bi young and her friends. Directed and produced by Cayman-based filmmaker Judy Singh, the film features performances by the Cuban female Hip-Hop Group Las Krudas.