CineFAM South Africa

CineFAM South Africa

presented with Sisters Working in Film and Television (SWIFT) at the Durban Film Mart (DFM).

Description: “CineFAM”, which means “films by women” in Haitian-Creole, is CaribbeanTales’ global initiative to support bold new stories by women of colour worldwide. The challenge will take place on the second week of the Durban International Film Festival 2017, where SWIFT will offer a no-budget filmmaking workshop. A theme will be announced and filmmakers will have five days to write, shoot, edit and upload their films.

Enrolment in the workshop is not mandatory. The challenge is open to all women-identified South Africans and will be open for submissions between July 24th and 28th. Winners will get the opportunity to attend and premiere their films at CTFF in September 2017


#SheRose – stories about the heroism of everyday women of color.

Inspired by women of color, this theme wishes to inspire the telling of stories of courage, resilience and heroism with which they have lead radical movements throughout history.

While many of these are stories are in the front lines pickets, organizing community and supporting family networks, there is the possibility representations of womxn of color in their individual complexities rather than appendages to men and children or givers and nurturers.

The invitation opens a door for stories about the way in which womxn of color, still grossly under represented on the screen, take up spaces and rise, bringing light to world.

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