Creepy Caribbean Collection


CaribbeanTales gets creepy for Halloween. Our unique Catalogue of Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora audiovisual content covers every genre and style in the world!

This collection showcases the SUPERNATURAL, the SPECULATIVE, and the FANTASTIC.

The Caribbean has rich folklore traditions, as well as filmmakers who are determined to push the boundaries of “Caribbean Cinema”.

  • Call Waiting
  • Baked Diesel
  • Mirror Mirror
  • Keeper of the Lost
  • The Strange Days of Joey Davis
  • Symbiosis
  • The Accidental Time Traveller
  • The Trade
  • Out of Time Season 1
  • My Best Friend
  • Wash Off Anonymous
  • The Call
  • SCP-656 Christmas Tale
  • Prologue
  • What Happens in the Dark
  • Daybreak