Jamal Weekes

JaMaL is a performer with great vision and has earned a Bachelor’s Degree in Creative Arts (First Class Honours)
A triple threat in his own right JaMaL is an actor, writer and filmmaker. Performing on stage and screen this young actor has played the lead in several highly praised films including: NeVeR (2013), and Broken (2014). JaMaL has also performed in the critically acclaimed stage plays; Going For Love (2014), No Country for a White Hero (2014) and From Bussa to Barrow and Beyond (2016).

As a writer and filmmaker he has worked on several short films including, Corrupt Reflections (2009), Possibilities (2012), NeVeR (2013), A Time For Change (2014) and Ruptured Innocence (2016).

A proud son of the Caribbean shores JaMaL’s film NeVeR was screened as part of the Caribbean Tales International Film Festival (CTFF) in Toronto last September.
This award-winning filmmaker has a vivid imagination which motivates him to tell other’s stories; he believes that everyone has a story to tell and that everyone’s story should be heard.

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