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Mariel Brown is the award-winning director of the creative and production companies SAVANT and SAVANT Films. Since 2007, her films have won: CBU (Caribbean Broadcasting Union) award for Best Television Documentary ‘West Indies at War’; jury prize for Best Documentary Short ‘Smallman’ (CaribbeanTales International Film Festival); Audience Choice Award for Best Documentary ‘The Insatiable Season’, Best Locally Produced Film (‘Solitary Alchemist’) and Best Local Film Jury Prize (‘Inward Hunger’) at the well-regarded Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival.

Her films have been screened at several international festivals including Clermont-Ferrand (market), the Pan African Film Festival, the Black Harvest Film Festival and Havana International Film Festival. Her films have been selected for curated screenings at the prestigious Victoria & Albert Museum in London, The Royal Ontario Museum (ROM) in Toronto and Real Art Ways in Hartford, Connecticut. Two of her feature films have been acquired for distribution by CaribbeanTales Worldwide Distribution and are available through their partnership with Third World Newsreel; and ‘Smallman’ was picked up for online distribution by and Studio Anansi,as well as cable TV broadcast by Shorts TV in the UK.

Mariel is currently completing post-production on another feature documentary, Unfinished Sentences, a personal exploration of her tumultuous relationship with her late father, writer Wayne Brown.

Her work has been written about in top-flight international publications including Variety, Screen Daily and Filmmaker Magazine.

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