Pelle Hybbinette

Pelle Hybbinette is a Swedish filmmaker who has lived with his family on and off Barbados for the last 9 years. He is a self-taught photographer and filmmaker with a number of award winning shorts and documentaries. Pelle Hybbinette started out as a stills photographer 15 years ago, in Sweden. Over the last 8 years Pelle has taken his images into the world of moving images. He has shot and directed two award winning (35 mm) short films, Dreamscape and The Divine Transition, co-productions with Swedish Television and The Swedish Film Institute. He has also directed a number of documentaries and music videos. One highlight was the music video for Queen Ifrica in Jamaica.

In 2011 he shot the 10-part series, A DAY IN A BAJAN LIFE which features 10 individual Barbadian personalities. From black/white, rich/poor, famous and unknown. From a skateboard entrepreneur to a homeless artist, a champion surfer to a gravedigger. The affectionate portraits offering a rich mosaic of Bajan life, history and society.

The series has received a number of awards, including Best Documentary at the Barbados Film and Media Awards and Best Shorts, in California. Pelle Hybbinette has also been awarded Best Cinematography (BARBADOS SURFER GIRL) in 2015 and Best Documentary (COCO HILLS) in 2016.

Hybbinette’s latest film is an hour-long documentary called BAKOM BRON. It is a film about the bittersweet process of filmmaking, following the making of the swedish success series The Bridge.

Pelle Hybbinette is currently working on a feature length drama-documentary shot in Barbados In 2016. The working title is The Rock. The film is planned for release in the spring of 2017.

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