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Rodney V. Smith describes himself as a webseries evangelist and is heavily involved in the webseries movement in Toronto and New York City. He is one of the founding members of the Independent Webseries Creators of Canada (IWCC).

Smith grew up in Barbados with an active interest in writing and art. An encounter with a Canadian producer spurred his interest in film and after immigrating to the USA in 1999, Smith has spent  years working in various crew positions.  He developed and filmed his first feature film MORT in 2002. After a move to Atlanta, GA in 2003 where he rebranded the television series MEET THE PRODUCTS, Smith decided to dedicate his efforts towards the art of cinematography.  He became actively involved with the online forum DVXUser, creating several short films in online competitionsand eventually the criticaly acclaimed webseries DOMINION.

Smith recently releasd the the epic 15 episode science-fiction webseries OUT OF TIME on Amazon Prime and is the author of the novels SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE and SO YOU USED TO BE HUMAN.  He is currently working on his third novel and a feature film adaptation of his first novel, SO YOU MIGHT BE A VAMPIRE.

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