Shane Holford

Shane Holford studied video production and video editing at Columbia Academy in Vancouver, Canada in 2006, and graduated with a diploma in 2007 with honours as the best student of the year. He later returned to Barbados and started his own business (Fresh Productions) and connected with other companies and entrepreneurs in the field.

Since his return he has worked on many projects, such as the full-length Barbadian feature “Hush” and the sequel “Hush 2” as Director of Photography, camera operator and editor; C.A.L.C. Poverty Campaign Commercial as camera operator and editor; West India Biscuit Company (WIBISCO) commercials as camera operator , just to name a few.

Shane uses the available technology to make local productions visually competitive and on par with the international market. In addition to being the D.O.P. for Keeping up with the Joneses, Shane also serves as Producer and Camera Operator.

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