The votes have been cast for which show you want to see come to your home TV! Ten projects competed for the chance to win pilot episode funding from Flow and one winner has emerged!  Congratulations from Flow and CaribbeanTales!

993 Votes

Esosa Edosomwan
USA | 24 x 24min | Drama
Brooklynites is a television series that follows the lives of a tight-knit group of twenty-something Afro-diaspora bohemians who just graduated from college, are struggling to make ends meet, and find real love in Brooklyn.
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520 Votes

Sean Hodgkinson
Trinidad and Tobago | 10 X 24min | Drama
The Weekend looks at the intimate connections between a diverse group of friends over a nine-year period including GREGG a successful filmmaker who has just ended a ten-year relationship.
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174 Votes

Glace Lawrence
Canada | 13 x 24min | Drama/Comedy

Lovina is a mature West Indian woman who loves the quiet order of her not-so-perfect world. Monique’s an aspiring clothing designer, a millennial African-Canadian girl who loves to party and bring the boys home with her. What could these two women possibly have in common?
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258 Votes

Yolande Clarke
Jamaica | 10 x 24min | Children’s Animation

Yalena, Lynn and Jo, feisty, quick thinking, unstoppable bffs are on a mission to “save the day” on Lil’ Island. Environmental issues, evil villains, monster insects, there is no match this dynamic trio, oh, and Lynn’s brother Anil who always appears on their adventures.
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89 Votes

Alain Bidard
Martinique | 10 x 24min | Animation

Set in Martinique, Battledream Chronicle tells about the story of Syanna and her classmates, who struggle to succeed at school during a futuristic age where everyone is a slave and must bring 1000 experience points every month to their master in exchange for their life. Those experience points can only be collected in Battledream, a dangerous video game where players die for real.
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164 Votes

Monique Dikmoet, Patrick Thompson, Malumba Anderson
Suriname, Netherlands | 24 x 24min | Comedy
You got bills bills bills, but what would you do if you found money money money, that wasn’t yours? The family Pina decided to spend it, now find out how they plan to pay it all back!
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957 Votes

Kafi Kareem Farrell
Trinidad and Tobago | 10 x 8min | Animation

Big Man Dan is an animated comedy web series following the hilarious antics of Dan, a man with a magnetic attraction to trouble and a talent for telling tall tales.  Each episode finds Dan at the mercy of his feisty girlfriend, Sheila, who demands an explanation for Dan’s latest misbehavior.
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113 Votes

Menelik Shabazz
Barbados | 10 x 40min | Drama

A mini drama series about murder, class, sex and deceit set in multi-cultural Barbados, centered around Somerset Moore, a white, middle-aged patriarch who returns home unexpectedly from an overseas trip to find his wife in bed with her black lover.
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59 Votes

Rachel Osbourne
Jamaica | 10 x 45min | Drama
Fayanne Laurens is reluctantly repatriated into the fishing village she spent her life escaping. When the world she has built for herself crumbles, she runs back home to find solace but instead, finds herself at the centre of a waterfront disaster that opens her heart and mind to the delicate balance between nature and the town of West Bay.
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205 Votes

Juliette McCawley
Trinidad and Tobago | 8 x 45min | Drama

On the eve of her 60th birthday, wealthy businesswoman Selina Worth finds her world is threatened when an anonymous blackmailer threatens to expose her as a murderer.
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