Celebrate International PRIDE Month with CaribbeanTales’ initiative: #INTERSECT!

June is international PRIDE Month, a time when Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) people celebrate their identity. Here at CTWD we celebrate with the launch of our very own PRIDE initiative: #INTERSECT – Queer and Trans People of Colour (QTPOC).

#INTERSECT is a brand of CaribbeanTales which calls to action queer and trans people of colour worldwide to revolutionise the film and television industry with cutting edge, daring and authentic stories. For the launch of #INTERSECT CTWD presents a series of films about LGBTQI Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora persons. CTWD is also a proud sponsor of the CaribbeanTales Inc, which this year is holding an #INTERSECT short film challenge, and both community and festival screenings at the 12th annual CaribbeanTales International Film Festival.

And, we are excited to announce that, from February 22nd, Ash Wednesday, you’ll also be able to catch these featured films on Flow on Demand, Flow’s VOD platform on your home television!

  • FLIMS Episode 26
  • FLIMS Episode 25
  • FLIMS Episode 23
  • FLIMS Episode 21
  • FLIMS Episode 20
  • FLIMS Episode 19
  • FLIMS Episode 15
  • FLIMS Episode 14
  • FLIMS Episode 5
  • FLIMS Episode 6
  • FLIMS Episode 1
  • FLIMS Episode 22
  • FLIMS Episode 3
  • C'est Quitte- The French Creoles Of Trinidad
  • Of Men and Gods
  • Tolerance
  • Ariana
  • My Truth | My Story
  • Peleau - Two Ingredients - One Meal
  • Esidarap
  • Brotherhood the Trans Edition
  • Thick