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FFrances-Anne Solomon | Drama | 2007 | Canada | 101 min | HD | English IMDb  |  Website

In Frances-Anne Solomon’s elegaic A Winter Tale, six Black men, all patrons at Miss G’s Caribbean TakeAway Restaurant, form an ill-fated support group in an attempt to salvage their broken spirits and beseiged community, following the local shooting death of a young child.

Peter Sagnia | St. Maarten | 95 mins | Feature Film | 2011 | English

SYNOPSIS A young woman leaves her abusive husband in Holland to seek refuge in St. Maarten. But the law has changed since the island obtained country status and she is stranded at the airport. The Chief Immigration Officer is a man of integrity and exemplary service, who is torn between enforcing the new law and instinctively helping a woman he doesn’t know – and whom he meets on the anniversary of his wife’s death.

Antillean Green Card showcases the talents of Peter Sagnia, a man of many facets — film maker, screenwriter and director, composer of music and stage plays. Born in London, England, he is continually searching for innovative ways to give voice to the tremendous wealth of talent that exists in the Caribbean.

In the year 2100, humankind has achieved paradise — and seen it torn away from them. The digital realm of Farandjun has been usurped by a tyrannical computer virus that pits the nations of the world against each other in a virtual-reality tournament, to select who will reign supreme, and who will be subjugated.

An independent feature-length documentary film, digging deep into the consciousness of the Black Man himself, legendary calypsonian Dr. Leroy Calliste, better known as Black Stalin. Featuring the big man’s music and performances as well as interviews with Trinidad’s top entertainment and academic names: Kees, David Rudder, JW and Blaze, Nadia Batson, Dr Roy Cape, Denyse Plummer and Dr. Pat Bishop.

Peter Sagnia | St. Maarten | 95 mins | Feature Film | 2011 | English

SYNOPSIS: Johnny Richards, a prisoner, is about to get an early release due to political changes in St. Maarten.

Life is all about making choices but making the right choice will determine how you live. 

Barbados | 2015 | Feature Drama | Suspense | Thriller  | 77 min | English | PG13

Brief Synopsis:

A young school-boy witnesses the killing of a known drug pusher from the neighborhood.  However, he is torn between informing the local law officials and telling the brother of the murdered man who is bent on extracting his own style of vengeance. The action erupts when rival drug gangs clash.

Mariel Brown | Trinidad & Tobago | 52 mins | Short Documentary | 2007 | English

SYNOPSIS It is January 2006 and Brian MacFarlane’s carnival workshop is quiet and practically empty – littered with left-over costumes and a couple of hangers-on from last year’s carnival. As the days pass the atmosphere starts to change. One by one, carnival costume makers begin arriving at the workshop (mas camp) anticipating the release of designs and the work that’s to come for the 2006 band, Threads of Joy.
The Insatiable Season is a fun and intimate look at the creations, crises and passion of the MacFarlane camp as they produce a beautiful costumed band for Trinidad’s Carnival.

Lisa Wickham | Trinidad & Tobago | 50 mins | Short Documentary | 2011 | English

SYNOPSIS Forward Home: The Power of the Caribbean Diaspora, a documentary filmed in nine countries, reveals the economic power of the people of the Caribbean Diaspora living in global cities as well as the significance of their contributions to their homeland, as travellers, expatriates and entrepreneurs. Forward Home is based on two yearsÕ academic research – entitled Strategic Opportunities in Caribbean Migration — by economist Dr. Keith Nurse who was also the film’s executive director.

With Lisa Wickham’s astute directing and Sheldon Felix’s clear-eyed photography, it is “a rich piece of investigative film work combining academic insights with a profound portrayal of different Caribbean peoples, cultures and landscapes.” (By Fernando Luis Gonzalez Mitjans)


Christian Lara | France | 90 mins | Feature Film | 2004 | English

SYNOPSIS Paris, 1802. Napoleon Bonaparte plots to become the ruler of France. His bid for absolute power is challenged in the Caribbean colony of Guadeloupe, whose inhabitants are determined to fight for their newfound political freedom and emancipation from enslavement.

Jean Jean | Dominican Republic | 70 mins | Drama | 2015 | Spanish with English subtitles

SYNOPSIS:Yuli, a Haitian woman, has lived in the Dominican Republic for more than 35 years. The child, for whose sake Yuli had crossed the border in the early eighties, returns to discover that his mother after all this time is still needs to fix her situation because of the Regularization Plan that the Dominican government has launched. In telling her story, he reveals the daily struggles of many through telling her story.
There are many stories surrounding the dilemma of Haitians in the Dominican Republic, where hundreds of people are being forced to leave the DR and cross over that invisible state line within the same continent. What differentiates this film is that it is personal in nature and Yuli is representative of all those in the same situation. One is drawn into her story and why she wants to stay where she is and also the process of Regularization is de-constructed.

Actors: Eliezer Encarnación Díaz, Jean Jean, Julia Jean

Written by: Jean Jean
Production Company: ColorLab Films
Production Associates: Soup Joumou Films

Alison Saunders | Trinidad | 90 mins | Drama | 2007
As he battles the demons of his past, a sportsman learns valuable lessons in love and forgiveness.


Asha Lovelace | Trinidad & Tobago | 83 mins | Feature Film | 2006 | English

SYNOPSISA gambler concocts a risky plan to escape to the promise and fantasy of America. Prepared to leave everything behind, including his newly-found romance with the village beauty, he sets out for his final destination. With each step of his journey he discovers more of himself and understands more about the island of his birth. Based on a short story by Commonwealth Writers Prize winner Earl Lovelace, Joebell and America is adapted and directed by his daughter Asha, filmed and edited by his son Walt, with son Che as the Art Director.

Keeping up with the Joneses tells the story of a family (The Joneses) who become reluctant participants in the reality show “Life and Times in the Caribbean”.

Director: Rommel Hall  |  Barbados  | 10 Episodes  |  30min/episode  |   2014

Season 1 includes 10 episodes.

Mary Wells | Jamaica | 85 mins | Feature Film | English | 2013

In tough inner-city Kingston, Jamaica, a self-absorbed street hustler devises a daring but not-so-clever plan to steal a fancy sports car from right under the owner’s nose.

Javier Augusto Nunez | Canada | 3 min | Short Film |   2015 |  English

SYNOPSIS:   Antonia, a young woman with mental health problems feels confined in her downtown apartment. This morning, she is in a constant fight with an evil that apparently is only on her mind.

Frances-Anne Solomon | UK | 92 mins | Feature Film | 1997 | English

SYNOPSIS A romantic comedy set in a Chinese laundry in Liverpool in 1962. Like the character of Peggy, the film is a small gem and there is much more to it than meets the eye.

The main character, Peggy (Pamela Oei) yearns for romance and wants to be married, these are the men she encounters. Oei makes a seemingly plain girl into an interesting, vital personality.