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FFrances-Anne Solomon | Drama | 2007 | Canada | 101 min | HD | English IMDb  |  Website

In Frances-Anne Solomon’s elegaic A Winter Tale, six Black men, all patrons at Miss G’s Caribbean TakeAway Restaurant, form an ill-fated support group in an attempt to salvage their broken spirits and beseiged community, following the local shooting death of a young child.

In the year 2100, humankind has achieved paradise — and seen it torn away from them. The digital realm of Farandjun has been usurped by a tyrannical computer virus that pits the nations of the world against each other in a virtual-reality tournament, to select who will reign supreme, and who will be subjugated.

CaribbeanGirlNYC, an ensemble female-driven sitcom from NY-based Guadeloupian filmmaker/ producer Mariette Monpierre, whose award-winning lm Elza won, among others, the prestigious NYT award.

Christopher Laird | Trinidad & Tobago | 97 mins | Documentary | 2013 | English

SYNOPSIS Trinidadian Donald ‘Jackie’ Hinkson, in his 70th year and on the occasion of a massive retrospective in four exhibition spaces talks about his life’s work and demonstrates his techniques in expressing his intention while creating a water colour from the blank page to completion and working on a number of sculptures, public murals and drawings.

His obvious skill expressed with candour and humility imbue this uniquely structured film with charm and ease while stunning the viewer with an unusual insight into the creative process of one of the country’s greatest living artists.

Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams is a pioneering documentary series that reveals Eric Williams in unprecedented breadth and depth, in the context of the history, society, region and world that shaped him; the forces to which he at times succumbed, and those he fought to change.

Dr. Eric Eustace Williams is a complex and controversial Caribbean figure best known for leading Trinidad and Tobago to Independence in 1962. This year documentary series explores the fascinating personal and political history of the country’s first Prime Minister. Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams is a production of SAVANT Ltd, creators of The Solitary Alchemist and The Insatiable Season. This groundbreaking documentary series was directed by Mariel Brown.

On Republic Day, September 24th, at 3:00pm, GISL Channel 4 aired this 3-part series on the compelling and contradictory life of an iconic Caribbean leader.

Hero and anti-hero, nemesis and father-figure, Eric Williams means different things to different people. Over more than 25 years as political leader, he came to symbolize both the hopes and disappointments of many West Indians. Yet in many ways Williams was an enigma – a public figure who remained virtually unknown; an intensely private man.

Vegan cook and author, Kirly-Sue hosts a healthy cooking show in which she travels to the country where the food is grown overseas and learns how it is cooked locally. Then, Kirly-Sue shows you her version of the dish back in her UK kitchen and finishes with non-vegans tasting the dishes. The program gives viewers the opportunity to do a free online healthy eating course.

Sissy, a young college graduate with addiction problems and no job, takes the advice of her girlfriends who encourage her to try an online dating app. In turning to both Online Dating and Rehab at the same time in order to put her life into perspective, she discovers that the same guy she has been conversing with on the dating app is sitting next to her in Alcohol Rehab. They fall in love instantly.

Pablo Pinedo Bóveda | Documentary | South Africa | 2016 | isiXhosa (English subtitles)

Nomaliphathwe, a young single mother of two, joins a land occupation to build her own shack in the new slum, risking violent evictions. 

GEORGE, PENNY and NADIA are best of friends. While on vacation on an idyllic Caribbean island, they find themselves being seduced by a stranger’s wealth and charm. When the stranger’s true motives are revealed, the three friends realise that they are pawns in a deadly game.