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As the first Dominican-Haitian documentary co-production, this film retraces the liberation legacy of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Namibia and the United States, its place of origin.

These shared narratives on struggles against enslavement and apartheid are told in three different languages (English, French, Spanish) and in the voices of nineteen (19) interviewees. The Mother Bethel AME Church was founded by Bishop Richard Allen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1794, as the first Protestant church ministered exclusively by former enslaved people. AME became a legally incorporated denomination in 1816.

Upon the request of the Haitian government, AME sent 6,000 individuals to the island of Saint-Domingue between 1824-1826, two decades after this first Black Republic in the world came into being. The Haitian Revolution is an integral part of the history of AME in the island. It is also crucial to note that Richard Allen was deeply involved in the logistics of this immigration, the most important nineteenth-century one of its kind in Dominican history.

Galen Brown | Canada / Belize | 23 mins | Short Documentary | 2016 | English

SYNOPSIS:In the small village of Placencia, Belize, recent road access has meant a boom in tourism and general rise in population.
With little land available for development, some have started to remove mangrove forests and fill the area in to create their own. Those who have lived in Placencia their whole lives understand the importance of mangroves to coastal ecosystems, how they filter run off from the mainland, provide nursery habitat for juvenile fish and buffer storm energy from sweeping away land, and are pushing for the government of Belize to declare the lagoon a protected area.

Awards: Yosemite Film Festival – Winner 2013 (ZIWAs) 2015

Director and Executive Producer: Galen Brown
Production Manager: Monica Gutierrez
Production and writting: Sara Daniels
Edited by: Galen Brown

An independent feature-length documentary film, digging deep into the consciousness of the Black Man himself, legendary calypsonian Dr. Leroy Calliste, better known as Black Stalin. Featuring the big man’s music and performances as well as interviews with Trinidad’s top entertainment and academic names: Kees, David Rudder, JW and Blaze, Nadia Batson, Dr Roy Cape, Denyse Plummer and Dr. Pat Bishop.

Hosted in a cocktail bar, three cosmopolitan women of color talk about lifestyle topics targeted to women of similar interests.

Canada | 2017 | Short Film | 5 min | English | HD

Intersecting is a comedy about two social media personalities who are matches on Facegram, an interactive dating app which lets followers vote in real time on the progress and aesthetic of the relationship.

Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams is a pioneering documentary series that reveals Eric Williams in unprecedented breadth and depth, in the context of the history, society, region and world that shaped him; the forces to which he at times succumbed, and those he fought to change.

Dr. Eric Eustace Williams is a complex and controversial Caribbean figure best known for leading Trinidad and Tobago to Independence in 1962. This year documentary series explores the fascinating personal and political history of the country’s first Prime Minister. Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams is a production of SAVANT Ltd, creators of The Solitary Alchemist and The Insatiable Season. This groundbreaking documentary series was directed by Mariel Brown.

On Republic Day, September 24th, at 3:00pm, GISL Channel 4 aired this 3-part series on the compelling and contradictory life of an iconic Caribbean leader.

Hero and anti-hero, nemesis and father-figure, Eric Williams means different things to different people. Over more than 25 years as political leader, he came to symbolize both the hopes and disappointments of many West Indians. Yet in many ways Williams was an enigma – a public figure who remained virtually unknown; an intensely private man.

Vegan cook and author, Kirly-Sue hosts a healthy cooking show in which she travels to the country where the food is grown overseas and learns how it is cooked locally. Then, Kirly-Sue shows you her version of the dish back in her UK kitchen and finishes with non-vegans tasting the dishes. The program gives viewers the opportunity to do a free online healthy eating course.

‘Quiet Revolution’ follows a group of everyday heroes who aim to give voice to permaculture (“the quiet revolution”) in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). The film is a portrait of the community at Wa Samaki and their lifelong efforts to learn and practice permaculture amidst the dominant culture of conventional agriculture.

In a country overshadowed by tourists slogans of ‘sun, sand and sea’ proclaiming ‘It’s Better in the Bahamas,’ there exists a contrasting view of people’s daily lives and the struggles that map their existence as they grapple with complex social issues. One of these issues, gender equality, is the subject of the feature-length documentary ‘So, You Think You Is Woman Hey?’

The film, the first feature-length by producer and director Juliette Storr, is a prodigious look at issues of gender equality through the lived experience of Bahamians. It is a compilation of perspectives on gender equality issues, especially as they relate to the recent failure of the gender equality referendum to change the laws of the Bahamas so that there would be more equity between the sexes with regard to citizenship rights and privileges and related issues of sexism, gender bias, gender-based violence, rape/sexual assault, and gender mainstreaming.”

Canada | 2017 | Short Film | 5 min | English | HD

Two families are torn apart in the wake of the violent death of a young teen….

This short documentary film follows a south Trinidad spear fisherman on a trip out to sea. Jason Jones is a husband, father and commercial scuba diver who has seen his livelihood threatened by frequent oil spills in the Gulf of Paria. Despite also facing several personal challenges Jason is hopeful that something can be done to save his community from neglect and economic depression.

South Africa | 2017 | Short Film | 5 min | English | HD

“The Walk” is a short film that follows a woman’s trip to catch a taxi home after work. For most women the fear of catching a taxi starts even before boarding the vehicle….

In the mid-19th century, Yankee sailors taught the men living on Bequia, a small Caribbean island close to St. Vincent how to catch whales – and this tradition has been nurtured and proudly kept alive from generation to generation. Today, outside pressures – overt and covert – conspire to defeat the stout-hearted Bequia whalers. This story, about the conservation of whales and the unique identity of a tiny Caribbean island, challenges conventional thought about the impact of global conservation and modernization.

GEORGE, PENNY and NADIA are best of friends. While on vacation on an idyllic Caribbean island, they find themselves being seduced by a stranger’s wealth and charm. When the stranger’s true motives are revealed, the three friends realise that they are pawns in a deadly game.

Various species of wildlife found in Trinidad & Tobago, from the red howler and capuchin monkeys of the Nariva wetlands to the red-billed tropic-birds of Little Tobago. On the two islands there is an amazing tally of wildlife species that include over 450 birds, 100 reptiles, a similar number of mammals and more than 600 butterflies. Also featured are the giant leatherbacks largest of all sea turtles from the north coast beaches. Trinidad’s central ridge is home to such spectacular birds as the blue-backed manakin and the sabre-wing hummingbird.