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Karen Martinez | Trinidad & Tobago | 20 mins | Short Film | 2013 | English

SYNOPSIS AFTER MAS is a new short film from London-based Trinidadian filmmaker Karen Martinez. It tells the story of a love that flourishes under the cover of darkness during the festival of J’ouvert on the streets of Port-of-Spain. Shot in Trinidad in February 2013 during Carnival, we experience the charge of this bacchanalian drama before following the characters return to their separate lives. In the cold light of day, can these young lovers from very different backgrounds stay true to their desires?

Actors: Glenda Collens, Carly Coutts, Khafra Rudder
Awards:Winner best local short 2013 Trinidad and Tobago Festival

Producer: Janine Mendes-Franco
Associate Producer: Andy Lambert
Edited by: Scott Cato
Music by: Colin Smith
Art Direction by: Melanie Archer
Camera: Miquel Galofré

Shashi Balooja | Short Film | Canada | 2013 | 33 min | English | HD

SYNOPSIS:  Grandma Ariana’s erratic behavior causes her loved ones to think in different ways about life, love and what they mean to each other.


Christopher Laird | Trinidad & Tobago | 7 mins | Short Film | 2000 | English

SYNOPSIS Nine-year-old Atiba Williams is the youngest person to arrange for a steelband during the Panorama competition. This film looks at a day in his life, from home, to school, to rehearsal to performance.

LOGLINE: Sandwiches, shenanigans and Vin Diesel

dir: Rodney V. Smith | USA | HD | English | Comedy | 2009 | PG

SYNOPSIS: When two hapless stoners encounter a man who looks just like superstar actor Vin Diesel, they will break any rule to find out if it really is Vin Diesel himself… even if it includes kidnapping, stalkers, rabid fans and the best sandwich ever made.
Created for the 2009 Minneapolis 48 Hour Film Project

Actors: Jaimyon Parker, Andrew Stoute, Margaret Maher, Malayza Man, Eric Binfet, Sandy'Ci Moua
Composer: Damian Sanchez
Filmed and Edited by Rodney V. Smith
Written by Andrew Stoute, Rodney V. Smith and Jaimyon Parker

LOGLINE: Don't pick up the phone

dir: Rodney V. Smith | USA | HD | English | Horror | 2006 | PG

SYNOPSIS: When Sofie calls her best friend Mandy for help, a grisly murder scene is discovered. Everything is not as it seems. Sofie is plagued by a constantly ringing phone, the one that is next to the gun on the table…

Based on the short story “Sofie” by Andrew Stoute.

Actors: Carlette Jennings, Catherine Maddox, Brent Brooks, Jared Davis, Alexis LaSalle
Composer: Fred Deer
Written, Filmed and Edited: Rodney V. Smith

Hester Jonkout | Curaçao | 13 mins | Short Film | 2016 | English

SYNOPSIS: Two creatures find themselves in Nowhere Land. When they discover each other, chemistry happens.

Actors: Nina Fischer, Reuel Rogers

Edited by: Hester Jonkhout
Production Company: Camrock
Production Design: Inet Arts, Camille van Zadelhof
Direction, production and scenario: Hester Jonkhout
Music: Michael Lampe
Camera: Kirk Claes


Dawn Wilkinson | Canada | 13 mins | Short Film | 1998 | English

SYNOPSIS Soah is a former flight attendant who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorders. While experiencing one of her anxiety attacks, a thief comes into her world.

Canada | 2017 | Short Film | 5 min | English | HD

Intersecting is a comedy about two social media personalities who are matches on Facegram, an interactive dating app which lets followers vote in real time on the progress and aesthetic of the relationship.

Jean Claude Bourjolly | Haiti | N/A mins | Narrative Short Film | 2016 | English

Late 70 early 80 Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Jean-Claude Duvalier president told life is in power for almost 10 years having succeeded his father the late Dr. François Duvalier who himself had led the country for 14 years. The police and the army are one, neighborhoods, streets and alleys of cities are full of spies. Nobody dares criticize the government.

Those who venture there are denouncing the authorities and forced into exile. The less fortunate are imprisoned, tortured and shot. Kamelo is a poor citizen, having been caught complaining about poor water management, had to defend himself violently against a Macoute uncle (Militia).

LOGLINE: Even the lost have a home

dir: Matt Spataro & Rodney V. Smith | USA | HD | English | Drama | 2008 | PG

SYNOPSIS: A homeless girl who has lost her memory, encounters a strange man who wanders the city finding lost items. She tags along with him in hopes of finding herself.

Actors: Robert Nolan, Jessica Sinclair, Matt Spataro
Director of Photography: Rodney V. Smith
Composer: Damian Sanchez
Written, Filmed and Edited: Rodney V. Smith

Sissy, a young college graduate with addiction problems and no job, takes the advice of her girlfriends who encourage her to try an online dating app. In turning to both Online Dating and Rehab at the same time in order to put her life into perspective, she discovers that the same guy she has been conversing with on the dating app is sitting next to her in Alcohol Rehab. They fall in love instantly.

dir: Rodney V. Smith | USA | HD | English | Urban Fantasy | 2011 | PG | 6min

SYNOPSIS: A modern look at the story of Snow White where the Witch has won. An apple seller is lured into the house of a young woman where a magic mirror reveals that everything is not as it seems.

Actors: Maia Nicholson, Kathleen Boddington
Composer: Damian Sanchez
Written by: Rodney V. Smith and Andrew Stoute
Filmed and Edited: Rodney V. Smith
In Asssociation with: Nice Guy Productions

Stockton Miller | Barbados | 2016 | Short Thriller | 4.27 min | English | HD

When Destiny forgets to tie certain individuals together by blood, it corrects its mistake by making them true friends — no matter what.  But when Fate becomes overwhelmed Life’s hardships, then Respect and Patience turn the other cheek.  So it is that unruly actions and bad decisions from the Realm of Evil take over.

FAISAL LUTCHEDIAL | Documentary | Canada | 2007 | 75 mins | English | HD

SYNOPSIS: Accompanied by his ailing mother, Lutchmedial takes us on a very personal journey to bridge the gap between his heritage in Bangladesh and his life in Canada. He connects his politics with his humanity, and weaves together a story that is both thought provoking and touching.

Jamal Weekes | Barbados | HD | English | Drama | 2016 | PG | 6 min

SYNOPSIS: Themes of spirituality, self-destructive/self-injurious behavior, guilt, self-hatred and its relationship to childhood abuse in the hours of one man's last hour of life.


Tamara Scherbak | Canada | 4 mins | Short Film | 2010 | English

SYNOPSIS A Trinidadian fishermans account of being lost at sea in the unforgiving waters of the Caribbean.