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Director: Mandisa Pantin  |  Trinidad & Tobago  |  38min  |  2010  |  English

Interviews with African-Caribbean people and scholars define and explain some of the complexities of race in Caribbean society.

Faisal Lutchmedial | Canada | 6 mins | Documentary | 2010 | English

SYNOPSIS A short experimental film that explores the director’s connection to his father, an upcoming wedding, and Expo ’67.

Dalton Narine | Trinidad / USA | 56 mins | Short Documentary | 2010 | English

SYNOPSIS Mas Man is about a designer’s hubris to author a new word in art: “Mas ” (which overrides masquerade), to counteract the conformity and conservatism of Carnival in the 1970s. It’s about Peter Minshall reinventing Mas as a cutting-edge tool to enlighten spectators about the complexities of life – a bold move that, in due course, influences the Olympic Games to feature him as an artistic director in Barcelona, Atlanta and Salt Lake City.


Best Documentary Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival;
Best Short Documentary, New York International Film Festival;
Best Documentary, South Africa International Film Festival;
Best Director, Short Documentary, LA International Film Festival; B
est Cinematography, Chagrin Falls Documentary & Film Festival;
Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film Festival

Tamara Scherbak | Canada | 4 mins | Short Film | 2010 | English

SYNOPSIS A Trinidadian fishermans account of being lost at sea in the unforgiving waters of the Caribbean.

Candice Lela | Trinidad & Tobago | 24 mins | Documentary | 2010 | English

SYNOPSIS When a pregnant young woman discovers she is HIV-positive, her world comes crashing down. As she exhausts her possible options, the damage caused by her own errors overshadows whatever hopes she foresees for her child.


Renee Pollonais | Trinidad & Tobago | 23 mins | Short Thriller | 2010 | English

SYNOPSISQuiet Desperation is the story of 58-year-old Heathcliff Defour, a man fast approaching retirement with a lot of “luggage.” His life is dull and his marriage unfulfilling. For the past 35 years he has been married to Merlin Defour, a controlling, bitter woman who is critical of everything, especially him. Whilst driving Merlin to the market one morning they begin to quarrel. But it is when Heathcliff finally expresses what is really on his mind, he loses more than he is prepared to handle.


Lisa Valencia-Svensson | Canada | 48 mins | Short Documentary | 2010 | English

SYNOPSIS With honesty, intelligence and humour, Nancy, Simone and Gloria reflect on their experiences of balancing single parenthood, working life, relationships and the fulfillment of their own goals in the context of a society that is often harshly judgmental. By interweaving these intimate stories, the documentary offers a deeper understanding of the challenges, practical strategies and dreams of three resilient women and, indeed, of many black single mothers in Canada. Notable Festivals & Screenings: Ontario Black History Society’s International Film Festival; DOC Night Out; African Diaspora Film Festival; Mid-Atlantic Black Film Festival; International Black Film Festival of Nashville; Detroit Windsor International Film Festival

Nicole Brooks | Canada | 47 mins | Short Documentary | 2010 | English

SYNOPSIS On March 3, 2010, eight of Canada’s most beloved Black female vocalists came together on the same stage, for one night of extraordinary music. Along with the evening’s best performances, viewers are given a ‘backstage’ pass and experience behind the scenes exclusives, mini interviews, rehearsals and preparations that went into putting this awesome show together. Includes appearances by Molly Johnson, Jackie Richardson, Ada Lee, Divine Brown, Toya Alexis, Alana Bridgewater, Sacha Williamson and Shakura S’aida. It features a variety of solos, and culminates in an awe-inspiring group number.

Faisal Lutchmedial | Canada | 6 mins | Documentary | 2010 | English

SYNOPSIS A short experimental film that explores the director’s connection to his father, an upcoming wedding, and Expo ’67.

Nina Vilus | Guadeloupe | 7 mins | Short Thriller | 2010 | French w/ English Subtitles

SYNOPSIS Soah is a former flight attendant who suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorders. While experiencing one of her anxiety attacks, a thief comes into her world.