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Elizabeth Topp & Alex Devertuil | Documentary | Trinidad & Tobago | 2011 | 113 mins | English | HD

SYNOPSIS Between February and April 1970, the streets of Port of Spain were filled with angry young black men and women chanting ‘Power to the People’, fists raised in a salute learned from the Black Panthers of the U.S.A. This was the legendary Black Power revolution, which captivated the imaginations of their youthful followers and made the government of Dr. Eric Williams and the white establishment very nervous indeed. This important story, with its hits and misses, its tragedy and its humour, is told through interviews with a broad cross section of those who were actually there. Their memories and anecdotes, by turns moving and hilarious, surprising and shocking, are supported by newly-unearthed archival film footage.

Peter Sagnia | St. Maarten | 95 mins | Feature Film | 2011 | English

SYNOPSIS A young woman leaves her abusive husband in Holland to seek refuge in St. Maarten. But the law has changed since the island obtained country status and she is stranded at the airport. The Chief Immigration Officer is a man of integrity and exemplary service, who is torn between enforcing the new law and instinctively helping a woman he doesn’t know – and whom he meets on the anniversary of his wife’s death.

Antillean Green Card showcases the talents of Peter Sagnia, a man of many facets — film maker, screenwriter and director, composer of music and stage plays. Born in London, England, he is continually searching for innovative ways to give voice to the tremendous wealth of talent that exists in the Caribbean.

Lisa Wickham | Trinidad & Tobago | 50 mins | Short Documentary | 2011 | English

SYNOPSIS Forward Home: The Power of the Caribbean Diaspora, a documentary filmed in nine countries, reveals the economic power of the people of the Caribbean Diaspora living in global cities as well as the significance of their contributions to their homeland, as travellers, expatriates and entrepreneurs. Forward Home is based on two yearsÕ academic research – entitled Strategic Opportunities in Caribbean Migration — by economist Dr. Keith Nurse who was also the film’s executive director.

With Lisa Wickham’s astute directing and Sheldon Felix’s clear-eyed photography, it is “a rich piece of investigative film work combining academic insights with a profound portrayal of different Caribbean peoples, cultures and landscapes.” (By Fernando Luis Gonzalez Mitjans)

LOGLINE: It needs to feed

dir: Rodney V. Smith | Canada | HD | English | Horror | 2011 | PG

SYNOPSIS: Two janitors take advantage and profit from a dangerous creature that lurks in the bathrooms of a train station. They decide who lives and who dies, but there is a price to pay.

Actors: Steve Kasan, Shayan Mannan, Robert Nolan, Dulce Felix, David Jin Salater
Director of Photography: Rodney V. Smith
Composer: Damian Sanchez
Written by: Chris Keaton
Filmed and Edited: Rodney V. Smith

Rodney V. Smith | Canada | HD | English | Thriller | 2011 | PG | 6 min

SYNOPSIS: A dying girl tries to made a deal with a dark figure to give her more years of her life. The price may be more than she is able to pay.

Actors: Evie Koop, Mario Rigby

Director of Photography: Rodney V. Smith
Composer: Damian Sanchez
Written by: Rodney V. Smith and Andrew Stoute
Filmed and Edited: Rodney V. Smith