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Karen Martinez | Trinidad & Tobago | 20 mins | Short Film | 2013 | English

SYNOPSIS AFTER MAS is a new short film from London-based Trinidadian filmmaker Karen Martinez. It tells the story of a love that flourishes under the cover of darkness during the festival of J’ouvert on the streets of Port-of-Spain. Shot in Trinidad in February 2013 during Carnival, we experience the charge of this bacchanalian drama before following the characters return to their separate lives. In the cold light of day, can these young lovers from very different backgrounds stay true to their desires?

Actors: Glenda Collens, Carly Coutts, Khafra Rudder
Awards:Winner best local short 2013 Trinidad and Tobago Festival

Producer: Janine Mendes-Franco
Associate Producer: Andy Lambert
Edited by: Scott Cato
Music by: Colin Smith
Art Direction by: Melanie Archer
Camera: Miquel Galofré

Calypso like you’ve never heard before.

Geoffrey Dunn | Trinidad & Tobago | 90 mins | Documentary | 2004

Calypso Dreams is an intimate portrait of some of the true calypsonians in Trinidad & Tobago, in performance and in conversation

Thirteen areas of regional culture are surveyed from a Caribbean perspective.

Directors: Christopher Laird, Bruce Paddington & Tony Hall | Trinidad & Tobago | 13 Episodes | 30min/episode | 1992

Season 1 includes 13 episodes.
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A rollercoaster ride of the people, places, foods and festivals of the Caribbean and West Indian.

Director: Lisa Wickham | Various | 10 Episodes | 30min/episode | 2005

Season 1 includes 10 episodes.
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Alex Deverteuil & Elizabeth Topp | Trinidad & Tobago | 47 mins | Short Documentary | 2006 | English

SYNOPSIS Isolated in the mountains of Trinidad, the district of Paramin, once a year at Carnival time sheds its rural languor and erupts into an inferno of blue-painted ‘jabs’ or devils. Kootoo, King Devil, prepares with his three brothers to once again win the village competition for the most convincing devil band.
Known for his athletic prowess, and given to extraordinary feats like ripping up trees and scaling tall buildings, the charismatic Kootoo must still work hard with his band of devils to win the prize in the face of serious competition from a new generation of ‘jabs’.


Edited by: Luke Paddington
Producer and director: Alex de Verteuil
Co-directors: Luke Paddington, Max Bitzer
Concept and co-producer: Elizabeth Cadiz Toppin
Sound: Luke Paddington
Camera: Max Bitzer

Dalton Narine | Trinidad / USA | 56 mins | Short Documentary | 2010 | English

SYNOPSIS Mas Man is about a designer’s hubris to author a new word in art: “Mas ” (which overrides masquerade), to counteract the conformity and conservatism of Carnival in the 1970s. It’s about Peter Minshall reinventing Mas as a cutting-edge tool to enlighten spectators about the complexities of life – a bold move that, in due course, influences the Olympic Games to feature him as an artistic director in Barcelona, Atlanta and Salt Lake City.


Best Documentary Trinidad & Tobago Film Festival;
Best Short Documentary, New York International Film Festival;
Best Documentary, South Africa International Film Festival;
Best Director, Short Documentary, LA International Film Festival; B
est Cinematography, Chagrin Falls Documentary & Film Festival;
Honorable Mention, Columbus International Film Festival

Matthew Bartlett, James Kermack | UK | 46 mins | Short Documentary | 2013 | English

SYNOPSIS Commissioned by The Print Room as a companion film to Karen Martinez’s short After Mas, the film follows Cyprian De Coteau, a Trinidadian living in London, as he returns to the Notting Hill Carnival after ten years absence.
In his search for the heart of the carnival, from its roots in Trinidad and Tobago to the multicultural street festival of today, he solicits differing opinions from a broad cross-section of Trinidadians.

Christopher Laird | Trinidad & Tobago | 35 mins | Short Documentary | 2015 | English

SYNOPSIS Documenting Peter Minshall’s recollection of the first band he ever designed under Stephen Lee Heung. Veteran producer of masquerade bands for Trinidad Carnival, Stephen Lee Heung, invited Peter Minshall to design his presentation for 1976 Carnival in Trinidad.
Paradise Lost was the band and this documentary provides a blank canvas on which Masman, Peter Minshall, in all his personality, relates the story from the concept to the crossing of the stage at the Queen’s Park Savannah. The legendary Masman tells the story with the aid of his beautiful drawings of the costumes and live footage as only Minshall can.

Producers: Christopher Laird, Ray Funk
Producers Associates: Peter Minshall, George Tang

Christopher Laird | Trinidad & Tobago | 23 mins | Short Documentary | 1989 | English

SYNOPSIS The work of internationally recognised Carnival Artist, Peter Minshall, has never been captured in quite as awe-inspiring completeness as this video version of a full length Mas’ performance in the National Stadium of Trinidad & Tobago on Carnival Monday night in 1989.

Christopher Laird | Trinidad & Tobago | 60 mins | Short Documentary | 1987 | English

SYNOPSIS1986 Calypso Monarch, Young King and Road March Champion, David Rudder travels to Bahia, Brazil, in search of the “Bahia Gyal” — the subject of his winning road march — while also examining African traditions shared by Brazilians, Trinidadians and most new world people.

Christopher Laird | Trinidad & Tobago | 10 mins | Short Documentary | 2016 | English

SYNOPSIS Mas artists, Peter Minshall, producing his first mas for carnival in nearly ten years reinterprets Mikhail Fokine’s classic ballet THE DYING SWAN for a ‘Moko Jumbie’ (a stilt dancer) in drag. This film chronicles the assemblage and performance of this mas at the King of Carnival competition in February 2016.
Christopher Laird has produced over 300 documentaries, dramas and other video productions with Banyan Ltd. over the past 40 years garnering a score of national, regional and international awards.