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Elizabeth Topp & Alex Devertuil | Documentary | Trinidad & Tobago | 2011 | 113 mins | English | HD

SYNOPSIS Between February and April 1970, the streets of Port of Spain were filled with angry young black men and women chanting ‘Power to the People’, fists raised in a salute learned from the Black Panthers of the U.S.A. This was the legendary Black Power revolution, which captivated the imaginations of their youthful followers and made the government of Dr. Eric Williams and the white establishment very nervous indeed. This important story, with its hits and misses, its tragedy and its humour, is told through interviews with a broad cross section of those who were actually there. Their memories and anecdotes, by turns moving and hilarious, surprising and shocking, are supported by newly-unearthed archival film footage.

An independent feature-length documentary film, digging deep into the consciousness of the Black Man himself, legendary calypsonian Dr. Leroy Calliste, better known as Black Stalin. Featuring the big man’s music and performances as well as interviews with Trinidad’s top entertainment and academic names: Kees, David Rudder, JW and Blaze, Nadia Batson, Dr Roy Cape, Denyse Plummer and Dr. Pat Bishop.

Jacob Cino | Trinidad and Tobago | N/A mins | Short Documentary | 2015 | English

Through non-indigenous forms of dance that reference Japanese butoh, this video piece explores aspects of identity: how identity becomes hidden and transformed, and what identity means in different environments.

Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams is a pioneering documentary series that reveals Eric Williams in unprecedented breadth and depth, in the context of the history, society, region and world that shaped him; the forces to which he at times succumbed, and those he fought to change.

Dr. Eric Eustace Williams is a complex and controversial Caribbean figure best known for leading Trinidad and Tobago to Independence in 1962. This year documentary series explores the fascinating personal and political history of the country’s first Prime Minister. Inward Hunger: The Story of Eric Williams is a production of SAVANT Ltd, creators of The Solitary Alchemist and The Insatiable Season. This groundbreaking documentary series was directed by Mariel Brown.

On Republic Day, September 24th, at 3:00pm, GISL Channel 4 aired this 3-part series on the compelling and contradictory life of an iconic Caribbean leader.

Hero and anti-hero, nemesis and father-figure, Eric Williams means different things to different people. Over more than 25 years as political leader, he came to symbolize both the hopes and disappointments of many West Indians. Yet in many ways Williams was an enigma – a public figure who remained virtually unknown; an intensely private man.

Kyle Mitchell | Trinidad and Tobago | 20 mins | Short Documentary | 2016 | English

SYNOPSIS: John Agitation is a ‘superstar’ of comedy in Trinidad and Tobago. He is rated the first stand-up comedian in the local arena.
Here, he recounts his past and recollects an unfortunate incident that forced him to relocate from the community he knew and loved.

‘Quiet Revolution’ follows a group of everyday heroes who aim to give voice to permaculture (“the quiet revolution”) in Trinidad and Tobago (T&T). The film is a portrait of the community at Wa Samaki and their lifelong efforts to learn and practice permaculture amidst the dominant culture of conventional agriculture.

This short documentary film follows a south Trinidad spear fisherman on a trip out to sea. Jason Jones is a husband, father and commercial scuba diver who has seen his livelihood threatened by frequent oil spills in the Gulf of Paria. Despite also facing several personal challenges Jason is hopeful that something can be done to save his community from neglect and economic depression.

Oyetayo Raymond Ojoade, Sharon Syriac | Trinidad and Tobago | 54 mins | Short Documentary | 2013 | English

SYNOPSIS: This documentary features candid interviews with poojaris, pilgrims, pundits and priests as well as academic experts who have tried to understand The Madonna Murti, artists who have tried to capture her illusive image and writers who have tried to tell her story.

The documentary utilizes narratives, drama, illustrations and song to tell the tale of a statue who offers health, hope, help and happiness to those who come to her most in need of it.

The celebrations at the La Divina Pastora Siparia RC Church in Trinidad and Tobago are very similar to those practised at Our Lady of Vailankanni in India.

Featuring: Angelo Bissessarsingh, Ravi Ji, Dr. Kumar Mahabir, Fr. Martin Sirju,

Narrator: José Calero and Sonia Cruz de Baltodano

Written by: Sharon Syriac
Music: Mark Gilbert and Joanna Shortt
Director of Photography: Oyetayo Ojoade
Photographs / Artwork: Oyetayo Ojoade
Edited by: Oyetayo Ojoade

GEORGE, PENNY and NADIA are best of friends. While on vacation on an idyllic Caribbean island, they find themselves being seduced by a stranger’s wealth and charm. When the stranger’s true motives are revealed, the three friends realise that they are pawns in a deadly game.

Various species of wildlife found in Trinidad & Tobago, from the red howler and capuchin monkeys of the Nariva wetlands to the red-billed tropic-birds of Little Tobago. On the two islands there is an amazing tally of wildlife species that include over 450 birds, 100 reptiles, a similar number of mammals and more than 600 butterflies. Also featured are the giant leatherbacks largest of all sea turtles from the north coast beaches. Trinidad’s central ridge is home to such spectacular birds as the blue-backed manakin and the sabre-wing hummingbird.