A Day in a Bajan Life

Pelle Hybbinette | Barbados | 10 Episodes | 10min/episode | 2013



A Day in a Bajan Life is a series of 10 cinematic, short film portraits of everyday life and people in Barbados, directed and shot by acclaimed Swedish filmmaker Pelle Hybbinette, an adopted Bajan. Produced by Penelope Hynam.

The series shows the beautiful variety and contrast of this “paradise” island, from black to white, rich to poor, famous and unknown. The two keywords are the dreams and ambitions of the subjects.


  Episode 1 - Paul “Irie” Wilson
Paul “Irie” Wilson: Skateboarder and small businessman, with the ambition to build the first skateboard park in Barbados

  Episode 2 - Chelsea Tuach
Chelsea Tuach: a big surfboarding talent with a dream to become a world champion

  Episode 3 - Varia Williams
Varia Williams: actor, spoken word artist, drama teacher

  Episode 4 - Kenny Ward
Kenny Ward: land surveyor and soul surfer

  Episode 5 - Chris Martelly
Chris Martelly: farmer, artist, and Ital chef

  Episode 6 - Charlotte Brady
Charlotte Brady: Swedish resident in Barbados, married to a Jamaican banker

  Episode 7 - Serenity Callender
Serenity Callender: 8 year old student at Christ Church Girls Primary

  Episode 8 - Izebo
Izebo: local hero, Rasta mural painter, working in Temple Yard, Bridgetown

  Episode 9 - Pam O'Neale
Pam O’Neale: insurance executive, Karaoke bar owner and great singer

  Episode 10 - Gandhi
“Gandhi” Wood: gravedigger, church deacon and philosopher

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