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Allen Report

Haiti, Dominican Republic, Germany, Namibia and the United States | 2016 | English | 76 min | Feature Documentary | English, French, Spanish w/ English subtitles | HD

As the first Dominican-Haitian documentary co-production, this film retraces the liberation legacy of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (AME) in the Dominican Republic, Haiti, Namibia and the United States, its place of origin.

These shared narratives on struggles against enslavement and apartheid are told in three different languages (English, French, Spanish) and in the voices of nineteen (19) interviewees. The Mother Bethel AME Church was founded by Bishop Richard Allen in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in 1794, as the first Protestant church ministered exclusively by former enslaved people. AME became a legally incorporated denomination in 1816.

Upon the request of the Haitian government, AME sent 6,000 individuals to the island of Saint-Domingue between 1824-1826, two decades after this first Black Republic in the world came into being. The Haitian Revolution is an integral part of the history of AME in the island. It is also crucial to note that Richard Allen was deeply involved in the logistics of this immigration, the most important nineteenth-century one of its kind in Dominican history.