Caribbean Eye Season 1

Christopher Laird, Bruce Paddington & Tony Hall | Trinidad & Tobago | 13 Episodes | 30min/episode | 1992



Thirteen areas of regional culture are surveyed from a Caribbean perspective.


  Episode 1 - Community Celebrations
The Caribbean is a meeting place of all the world’s cultures. Festivals create and sustain a sense of community. This programme looks at some of the folk festivals of the region (other than carnivals).

  Episode 2 - Indigenous Survivors
Although the indigenous population of the region was decimated by the Europeans, many survived. This programme looks at these survivors and examines the movements they are making towards exchange, co-operation and united action.

  Episode 3 - Musique Antillean
French caribbean musical tradition has heavily influenced the calypso and other folk music in the region. This programme is linked in Martinique and surveys the roots and current forms of this type of music.

  Episode 4 - Pan Caribbean
One of the only acoustic musical instruments invented in the last century is the steelpan of Trinidad & Tobago. Pan Caribbean looks at this phenomenon and the use of the steelpan in the popular, jazz and classical music of the rest of the world.

  Episode 5 - Dramatic Actions
Drama pre-history in folk festivals is followed through the formal theatre of playwright and entertainer to popular theatre for social action. Examples from the entire region are used in this brief but entirely unique survey of Caribbean drama.

  Episode 6 - Talk And More Talk
Much of Caribbean culture is oral if not aural. This programme looks at oral ‘literature’ and the role of talk in the region and features many of the Caribbean’s best oral performers and ‘composers’.

  Episode 7 - Independent Voices
Five Caribbean writers whose works are manifestos for Caribbean independence are featured in this programme: CLR James of Trinidad, Martin Carter of Guyana, VS Reid of Jamaica, Nicolas Guillen of Cuba, Aime C_saire of Martinique.

  Episode 8 - Women in Action
Women have always been the prime movers in the ‘informal economy’ of the region. This programme looks in at some projects centred on women and work in Dominica, Jamaica and Guyana.

  Episode 9 - Caribbean Carnivals
This programme is linked from the streets of Trinidad’s Carnival and visits carnivals in all the other Caribbean islands, looking at their unique forms and examining their shared role which is essentially the liberation of the spirit.

  Episode 10 - Visionaries
This production looks at four visual artists who work on a large scale: intuitive sculptor and painter Philip Moore of Guyana, monumental sculptor Alvin Marriott of Jamaica and mas’ artist Peter Minshall of Trinidad.

  Episode 11 - Games We Play
Caribbean children, like children the world over, grow up singing and playing games which shape the attitudes and expectations of our roles in later life.

  Episode 12 - Soca - Soul to Sale
Soca music is the latest version of the calypso to impact on international markets. This programme traces its history and the many forms it takes in the region from Ras Shorty I and Charlie’s Roots of Trinidad, through Guyana’s Eddie Grant, Antigua’s Burning Flames, Montserrat’s Arrow and many others.

  Episode 13 - Film Caribbean
Except for Cuba, there has been very limited film production in the Caribbean. Fortunately, this is changing, and Film Caribbean looks at some of the factors which influence regional production and what the future holds for Caribbean film-making.