Caribbean Girl NYC

Mariette Monpierre | Martinique | 2017 | English | 25 min

CaribbeanGirlNYC is an original comedic series following the lives of four twentysomething-year-old Caribbean women living in New York City. Isabelle, a narcissistic and immature aspiring actress, fresh o the plane from Guadeloupe dreams of being rich and famous and finding love in NYC. There’s only one problem: She has no working papers and no money!

Isabelle crashes in Brooklyn at her Trinidadian friend Tilly, an afro-centric Buddhist, grad student, environmentally aware struggling with low self-esteem. ere, she meets her roommates, Dana, a law student from Jamaica committed to fighting violence against women and Kate, a light-hearted and talented singer from Barbados who makes a living as a computer coder.

From the tiny apartment smack dab in one of the world’s largest and toughest city, Isabelle is confronted with the harsh reality of life in New York, her big unrealistic dreams, doing her best to find the strength to overcome each obstacle to get back on her feet and live the American dream authentically island style!