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God Willing, Yuli

Jean Jean | Dominican Republic | 70 mins | Drama | 2015 | Spanish with English subtitles

Yuli, a Haitian woman, has lived in the Dominican Republic for more than 35 years. The child, for whose sake Yuli had crossed the border in the early eighties, returns to discover that his mother after all this time is still needs to fix her situation because of the Regularization Plan that the Dominican government has launched. In telling her story, he reveals the daily struggles of many through telling her story.

There are many stories surrounding the dilemma of Haitians in the Dominican Republic, where hundreds of people are being forced to leave the DR and cross over that invisible state line within the same continent. What differentiates this film is that it is personal in nature and Yuli is representative of all those in the same situation. One is drawn into her story and why she wants to stay where she is and also the process of Regularization is de-constructed.