Keeping Up With the Joneses

Rommel Hall  |  Barbados  | 10 Episodes  |  30min/episode  |   2014



Meet The Jones family: Irving and Angela, parents of 18 year old Tracy and 11 year old Nathan. This ordinary Barbadian family is about to have their life turned upside down when Irving hastily signs a contract with a television crew, agreeing to have their daily lives recorded for a year.

Barbadian family life and dynamics are on full display as the family navigates extended families, badly planned birthday parties, teenage love lives, and well meaning friends. Through it all the family pulls together, no matter how ridiculous things get at times.


  Episode 1 - Pilot
The Jones family is reluctantly made the subjects of a reality show.

  Episode 2 - Party Over Here
Irving and Angela throw simultaneous parties for the kids.

  Episode 3 - Family & Friends
Angela hosts Sunday lunch for the extended family. Sparks fly.

  Episode 4 - The Date
Tracy goes a first date and soon discovers another side to her boyfriend.

  Episode 5 - Up In Da Club
Tracy's girlfriends convince her to sneak out of the house to go to a nightclub.

  Episode 6 - We And Mrs. Jones
The show airs on television and there is tension at Angela's work.

  Episode 7 - In Conclusion (Part 1)
Local media interviews the Joneses about their first year on TV.

  Episode 8 - In Conclusion (Part 2)
It is the end of the first season of Life & Times in the Caribbean”.

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