Late Night Lime – Season One

Christopher Laird and Tony Hall | Trinidad & Tobago | 14 Episodes | 60min/episode | 1990



A Caribbean late night talk show featuring two guests, including at least one musician.


  Episode 1
Holly Betaudier (popular broadcaster) & Daisy Voisin (Queen of parang music). Dennis Hall on 'Stickfighting in schools'
  Episode 2
Carlisle Chang (painter) & Andre Tanker (innovative folk/pop musician). Dennis hall on 'Language and Computers'
  Episode 3
Boscoe Holder (painter & dancer) & Geraldine Connor (musician). Dennis Hall on 'Code of Ethics'.
  Episode 4
Lennox Pierre (trade union lawyer & activist) & The Lord Pretender (veteran calypsonian & master of extemporaneous singing). Dennis Hall on 'Changes in Local Diet'
  Episode 5
Gordon Rohlehr (authority on calypso) & David Rudder (innovative young calypsonian). Dennis Hall on 'Have you ever had one of those days?'
  Episode 6
Fitzroy Coleman (innovative calypso guitarist) & Clive Zanda (exponent of calypso jazz). Dennis Hall on 'The Confusions of Life'.
  Episode 7
Lord Kitchener (veteran calypsonian) & Peter Pitts (calypso commentator and performer). Dennis Hall on 'Confusion in Food Names'.
  Episode 8
Byron Lee (band leader & impresario) & Ras Shorty I (calypsonian and originator of Soca music). Dennis Hall on 'Upholding the Law'.
  Episode 9
Merle Hodge (novelist & feminist) & Drupatie Ramgooni calypso/chutney singer). Dennis Hall on 'Confusing Directions'.
  Episode 10
Hans Hanoomansingh (broadcaster & cultural activist) & Narsaloo Ramaya (musician). Dennis Hall on 'Taxi Drivers'.
  Episode 11
Pat Bishop (musician & painter) & Ray Holman (steelpan composer and soloist). Dennis Hall on 'Women's Day'.
  Episode 12
Andrew Bedeau (master drummer) & Jah Jah Oga Onilu (young master drummer). Dennis Hall on 'The cycle of Nature and The Three Booms'.
Episode 13
Peter Minshall (carnival/mas' artist) & Theresa Montano ( old mas' player). Dennis Hall on 'Parenting'.
Episode 14
The Roaring Lion (One of the greatest Calypsonians of the 20th century)

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