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So You Think You Is Woman Hey?

Bahamas | 2017 | English | 118 min | Feature Documentary | HD

“In a country overshadowed by tourists slogans of ‘sun, sand and sea’ proclaiming ‘It’s Better in the Bahamas,’ there exists a contrasting view of people’s daily lives and the struggles that map their existence as they grapple with complex social issues. One of these issues, gender equality, is the subject of the feature-length documentary ‘So, You Think You Is Woman Hey?’

The film, the first feature-length for producer and director Juliette Storr, is a prodigious look at issues of gender equality through the lived experience of Bahamians. It is a compilation of perspectives on gender equality issues, especially as they relate to the recent failure of the gender equality referendum to change the laws of the Bahamas so that there would be more equity between the sexes with regard to citizenship rights and privileges and related issues of sexism, gender bias, gender-based violence, rape/sexual assault, and gender mainstreaming.”


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