The Hardweares – Season One

Ruby Robinson, Robert Medley | Reality TV Show, 12 episodes | 2015 | USA / Jamaica | 30 min | English



The reality series is built around veteran reggae singer, songwriter, producer and promoter Singing Melody (Everton Hardweare) and his wife Ruby Robinson Hardweare who is an IT and Telecommunications Executive; an unlikely couple who met and fell in love some 10 years ago. The show is based primarily in Jamaica with scenes at the couple’s Miami home and coverage of Singing Melody as he travels for work.

Episodes from the series which have already been shot were done on locations in Jamaica, USA and Canada. The three pillars on which the series is built are: the romance between Everton and Ruby; Everton’s music career and the dream house which the couple have been building over the past few years.


  Episode 1 - Meet The Hardweares
The audience got to know who The Hardweares really are.
  Episode 2 - Runaway Bride
Melody thinks Ruby will leave him standing at the altar.
  Episode 3 - I'll Wait For You
Ruby shows up looking stunning for a spectacular wedding.
  Episode 4 - A New Beginning
The beginning of their life as a wedding couple and the building of their dream home.
  Episode 5 - Devastation
Ruby breaks down once she sees the state her tenant left the apartment.
  Episode 6 - Beneath you’re beautiful
Marion͚ ‘Lady Saw’ Hall joins Singing Melody in the studio to record their collaboration.
  Episode 7 - ‘Tribute to Nekitta’
Friends come over for a housewarming party. Tribute to Nekitta Hamilton.
  Episode 8 - Dinner with Friends
Melody and Ruby entertain friends in their finished flat.
  Episode 9 - Man Talk
Fabian Marley drops by the studio and shares his new video with Melody.
  Episode 10 - Surprise Me
Ruby is surprised by Melody as he takes her on a submarine excursion.
  Episode 11 - Cementing the Details
Ruby thinks she's won the battle of keeping Melody’s studio contained within the house.
  Episode 12 - Coming Home
Ruby receives a call from Melody. He won't be making it home.